Crafting MRCOG Success Stories Every Year

Success MRCOG offers intensive training and mentorship to doctors who are preparing for their MRCOG and MRCPI exams. The candidates are given comprehensive preparation classes that includes: practicing all kinds of stations; rapport building with a role player, handling all scenarios given, critical appraisal; emergencies; and building interpersonal skills with special emphasis on learning UK specific procedures. Through our passionately driven efforts, we ensure that you are thoroughly prepared to respond to all questions. Our vision is to create a better understanding in the candidates about the examination structure and help you learn how to determine what key points the examiner is looking for in your actions and responses.


We have a team of highly experienced and seasoned medical professionals, who have themselves gone through the certification process, to provide you with the right coaching and make you examination ready. We work personally with you to provide you with the right guidelines, resources and critical feedback to prepare for the exam in a limited timeframe.


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